Etsy Visitors
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  • Got a new Etsy shop?
  • Want more people to visit your Shop?
  • Do you have a great Etsy shop with the best and finest of items, but no shoppers to view them?
  • Do you need to elevate your shop relevancy to show up higher for your desired keywords in the Etsy search results?
  • Do you want people to see your shop that are already on Etsy shopping for items in your keywords or tags?

This campaign is your answer to increasing your Etsy shop exposure and popularity within the very target market you are seeking…Etsy Shoppers! Etsy visitors are keyword referred to see your shop .

The more visitors that see your shop the more opportunities to make a sale.

Getting started:

1. Select the number of visitors desired.

2. Enter Etsy shop URL.

3. Enter Keyword.

It’s that simple! We will have etsy shoppers flowing to your shop within 24 hours depending on our backlogs.

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