Terms and Conditions

WebsiteTrafficBlaster.com is a website support service. We are a international internet traffic supplier that will create a geo-targeted traffic following for your website. Any misconduct will be flagged and eligible for suspension from using our services.

By Purchasing an order you are agreeing that you fully understand that you buy at your own risk and will not hold WebsiteTrafficBlaster.com or any of its employees or associates liable for any damages done in ordering. You also fully agree to, and understand the following policies:

Refund Policy 
WebsiteTrafficBlaster.com maintains a limited Refund Policy rule. We will grant a full refund if you are not delivered your purchased traffic visits, ranking improvements, link reports, reviews, downloads, or views, etc. In order to receive your refund, you must contact us and allow us 1-2 business days to fix or remedy your issue. If we cannot resolve issue,we will gladly refund your purchase. We work really hard to bring you amazing website support services at low prices, so we ask that you do not make any false accusations or false claims.

Time Frame 
WebsiteTrafficBlaster.com We will activate or begin submission process within 24 hours, delivery completions, will depend in the type of service ordered, amount ordered, demand or backlog, or network activity.

-In case of server emergencies and/or server maintenance, WebsiteTrafficBlaster.com asks our customers of a 48 hours grace period for all active and pending accounts. In these rare cases, you will be contacted and notified in advance. Business days are considered Monday – Friday (9am-5pm CST).

Purchase at your own risk 
WebsiteTrafficBlaster.com can not guarantee that visitors will purchase, join, like, follow, download, view, or stay. If at anytime a Social Media site decides to a visitor,friend,follower,or viewer account, that result in lost status or ranking, you will in no way hold us legally responsible for any damages it causes you. You are purchasing at your own risk and we can not guarantee that every visitor, like,follower, download, or view will remain.
By Purchasing you also agree that you have permission and/or authority to order visits, likes, followers, downloads, or views for the account or url listed. We will not be responsible for an incriminating actions you make and any damages you cause. It is against federal law to prohibit unlawful and hindering actions against another persons property, so please do not do it. We can not legally be held responsible.

**NOTE** If your purchase a service it is IRREVERSIBLE. We can not reverse your visits, rank, links, bookmarks, reviews, likes, followers, downloads, or views so please do not ask. Trying to reverse the process could put your account at danger so we CAN NOT and WILL NOT attempt it.